This living and active word from the gospel, according to Matthew, birthed out a revelation and the vision to elevate the Church and its individuals to be as “a city set on a hill” to shine and transform the world by the gospel of the Truth. Enlightened with God’s revelation, the founder and the visionary Prophet David Eagle stepped out with the response of obedience to the word of God and his calling and launched an initiative named “Elevators” 

As a city of light, Elevators  emerged to elevate you and spread the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations through online media platforms that are of increasing importance in this digital era. Technology and social media, which are prevailing nowadays, present an opportunity to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations in ways that we never thought were possible before.

Today, Elevators is reaching out to individuals from more than 100 different countries using online media platforms: more than 350+ individuals on the WhatsApp platform, more than 400+ followers on Instagram, 300+ people on Facebook, and continued growth and expansion making larger impacts.

To uplift you to your rightful place of victory in Jesus Christ and to catapult you to fulfilling your glorious God-given destiny and calling, Elevators provide morning and evening dew in the form of daily devotionals, inspirational quotes, and daily prayers to elevate and nourish you with the Truth of God’s Word daily. Elevators activities is listed down below the end of this  page. Kindly Check them out. God bless you

Who are



Prayer Snipers

As an essential part of Elevators, Prayer snipers is a group of devoted intercessors committed to standing in the gap for nations (Psalm 2:8; 1 Timothy 2:1-2) and individuals (Philippians 4:6).

From the very beginning Elevators movement is built on the solid ground of prayer and constant seeking of God and His directions with the sole purpose of sharing the gospel and glorifying God. And in 2018, as many individuals heard the calling to join the prayer frontlines the group has witnessed noteworthy growth, therefore David Eagle and the team has witnessed supernaturally opened doors and guidance to expand the Prayer Snipers.

As prayers of faith are being lifted up, incredible testimonies pour in: testimonies about the breakthroughs on the global, national, indiduals levels; nations impacted, lives transformed, bodies healed, “mountains moved”. To God be all the glory!

Today, you may send your prayer request(s) and we would be glad to join in prayer and intercede for you. Moreover, you are welcome to join the intercessory team to pray for others as well. Perhaps, God is calling you too right now!

Who are Snipers?

A snipers is a highly trained soldier who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from incredibly long distances. Thus how warriors of God (Prayer Snipers) have been designed. We release bullets of fire in our secret places into all Nations.

Our Meetings

Check below for our daily spiritual activities

Our Meeting Times

As strategic prayer warriors who fight with weapons that are not carnal, Prayer Snipers have:

our meeting times

Join a prayer zone


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Sister Maranatha
- Time: 12am - 12:40am (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators Zoom Platform.


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Brother Tyler
- Time: 1am - 1:40am (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators Zoom Platform.


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Sister Judith
- Time: 2am - 2:40am (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators Swahili WhatsApp Call


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Brother David
- Time: 11am - 11:40am (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators WhatsApp Call


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Sister Enyonam
- Time: 5am - 5:40am (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators Zoom Platform.


Every Mondays to Fridays

- Leader: Brother Richard
- Time: 12pm - 12:40pm (Beijing Time)
- Venue: On Elevators Zoom Platform.